This website is your source for sexual tention and psychological stress relief with the help of new audio porn genre that combines ASMR (?) and sex. Erotic ASMR is even more intimate then the usual one. And it is not just your soulless and hard POV porn. The connection between you and video performer can be spectacular. The sex energy along with braingasm(?) can skyrocket, in the end leaving you relaxed and relieved.

If you are new to porn ASMR, do not simply disregard under the assumption it being weird. The reason so many different people love it is because it can magically improve your sex life, sleep quality, everyday mood and mental state. So give it a try!

Dirty talk

Whispering pure sex to your ears

Looking for ASMR with horny naked girls?
It is here, straight like that – sexy cuties telling you their desires in a low crisp voice, often with Jerk Off Instructions (JOI).


The best girlfriend you'll ever have

These gentle and sweet girls will take care of you.
Either blowing you after work or having a perfect date with sex afterwards. All with tingly sensation of being cared for.


Sucking dick ASMR isn't insane

It is very close to the usual wet mouth ASMR you maybe watch on youtube.
Just more intense. And sexier. Satisfying overall.

Pussy sounds

Listen to what vagina has to say

Ever wondered what it’s like being a gynecologist with a set of headphones and powerfull microphone?
Probably not. Well, you can try it out now.


Do you like it when she moans?

Having you cock inside of her, trying to be quiet at your friend’s place. Desperate to come silently.
It can get you tingles not only on your dick.

1 hour

Can you hold for 60 minutes?

I bet you can’t. But it is here if you want to start the long marathon and prove me wrong.
Just remeber to come hard when you exercised enough.


Assortment of sex braingasm

Rare and unique sounds that don’t fit to any category.
Famous ASMRtists sex tapes or licking your ears naked. And everything in between.