Answering dirty questions in a soothing whisper

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Q&A for sex, relationships, and plain fucking made using Yeti microphone. Deep binaural whispers erotic stories ASMR.

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    I’m actually just here to jerk off, but what struck me during the video is how slutty women can be. especially the one in the video, she tells so proudly how many times she was fucked as if it were a goal to have more cocks in your mouth than a porn star. Ngl instantly clicked away weird girl and weird vibe

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      you’re stupid and misogynist.

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      she’s a ASMR youtuber is name is Diddly something like that I think

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      exactly women are fucked up

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    @Peelalaooqoqowowoqoqo, I could be wrong but it’s probably just her saying what she thinks people (mostly men) want to hear. Personally I’d never take relationship or sexual health advice from someone who does porn because porn is pure fantasy & doesn’t translate to real sex.

    You also have to be a certain kind of person to do porn/erotic content so I think they’re always gonna have a different outlook on sex than the rest of us.

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    You really love cum