Top 10 ASMR girls for 2023

1. ASMR Darling

ASMR Darling, also known as Taylor Darling, remains one of the most beloved ASMR creators. With her calming voice, gentle hand movements, and a wide variety of triggers, she continues to draw in a massive following. Her dedication to high-quality ASMR content has earned her a dedicated fan base.

2. Gibi ASMR

Gibi ASMR is a well-established ASMRtist known for her creative roleplays and attention to detail. In 2023, she continues to innovate, offering viewers an immersive ASMR experience. Her dedication to quality and her friendly on-screen presence make her a fan favorite.

3. ASMR Glow

Sharon Dubois, known as ASMR Glow, has a charming French accent that adds a unique touch to her content. Her relaxing whispering and roleplay videos have resonated with many ASMR enthusiasts, solidifying her status as a top creator in 2023.

4. FrivolousFox ASMR

FrivolousFox, also known as Maria, is celebrated for her ASMR medical roleplays and intricate attention to detail. Her soothing voice and authentic approach have made her a standout ASMR artist for several years running.

5. PJ Dreams ASMR

PJ Dreams ASMR is a rising star in the ASMR community, known for his innovative binaural recordings and soothing ambiance. In 2023, his unique ASMR gaming content and ASMR soundscapes continue to gain popularity.

6. ASMR Zeitgeist

ASMR Zeitgeist is known for his relaxing, in-depth exploration of various triggers and ASMR phenomena. He’s appreciated for his informative approach, making him a go-to creator for those interested in the science behind ASMR.

7. Goodnight Moon ASMR

Goodnight Moon ASMR has earned her spot as a prominent ASMRtist with her cozy and dreamy content. She’s known for her ASMR book readings and roleplays that transport viewers to a world of relaxation.

8. Latte ASMR

Latte ASMR creates visually stunning and relaxing videos. Her attention to detail and delicate hand movements have garnered her a strong following. In 2023, she continues to inspire relaxation and tingles.

9. ASMR Bakery

ASMR Bakery specializes in crafting ASMR videos inspired by baking and cooking. Her delightful culinary roleplays and gentle sounds continue to captivate ASMR enthusiasts around the world.

10. ASMRrequests

ASMRrequests, led by Ally, offers a wide range of ASMR experiences, from intricate roleplays to calming personal attention triggers. Her versatility and dedication to her craft have solidified her place in the ASMR community.

Remember that ASMR preferences are highly subjective, and what works for one person might not work for another. These are just a few of the popular ASMR creators in 2023, but there are countless talented individuals out there waiting to help you find your perfect ASMR experience. Explore these creators and discover the soothing world of ASMR for yourself.

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