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    It’s crazy how bad these dumb sluts are at making any content worth the asking price…she doesn’t even make the skirt malfunction look like an accident then has to reach over to grab the dildo cause she did no prep, and usually after all that you get no nudity or some pasties and they get mad when its shared for free…BITCH you are not so hot that guys want to pay to look at your dumb face sucking a rubber dick with your clothes on like who the fuck do you think you are?! Blows my fucking mind!

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      Big Lenny

      Big facts obviously this hoe on some bs not knowing her own worth

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      Take a chill pill bro. Lol

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      Out of 69 languages he can speak, bro chose to speak fax

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      Cry bout I nga

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    They also just crank the gain on their mic that’s mono and call it asmr.