Complicated focus test with light tracing

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A hard-to-do focusing test that puts your attention span to the next level when you trying to look at the light and not naked boobies.

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    im focused on them titties ngl

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    Before anyone asks, ShotsofSimone on OF or SimoneASMR on YT.

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    Ur mom

    She’s absolutely insane to charge $25 for this.

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      Some of her others are 50 or so, this one of the cheaper ones which is nuts

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      Not Ur Mom

      Nothing insane about charging that price bro, the insane thing is the pathetic men that actually pay for this shit.

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    It’s funny that she tries to make them bounce but they just don’t really move

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    Does anyone know how to find her bartender NSFW asmr video?

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    honestly the first couple minutes were pretty tingly