Showing her body and murmuring in a different language 

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Talking to you calmly and showing boobs, ass, and pussy in a calming ASMR video. Enjoy this Asian beauty…

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    Videos not loading after ad?

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      Thank you for commenting this, it has been fixed

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      Damn you’re beautiful. What language is this? Cheers.

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    she is korean asmrtist eunsong, just for the record

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    Hi eroasmr! Thank you guys your fixing the slow loading speed. Videos used to buffer excessively even with fast internet. But not anymore! Thanks

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    not bad but this videos are always boring 2 me bc i dont speak the languaje

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    fuck i wish the camera were a little more zoomed out so we could see her playing with herself! but at the same time, i do love the tease of it being just out of sight and left to the imagination