GraceV and Mads ASMR – stunning twins

They don’t look like each other at the first glance. Look closer – it is all because of the different hair colors. Blonde and brunette, soothing voices and beautiful faces.

Stop with your sexual fantasies, you perv! They never do that. Why are we writing about them then? Because they are great.

Just the video they rarely shoot together. They both have different YT channels.
A much longer version of the video from Mads ASMR channel.

They don’t really do roleplays. They do not do anything sexual. It is just your attractive girl next door friend-zoning you with an excellent quality ASMR. Probably that is why you rarely see them mentioned in porn ASMR-related discussions – that with 600k subscribers and more on both of their channels each!

This is why we decided to fix that. Give them a go!

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    Oh fuck yes, I love these two whores, they make my cock absolutely leak anytime I see one of them.